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Camera Heads

Głowica kamery inspekcyjnej
Głowica kamery inspekcyjnej

A swivelling head of the inspection camera made of light alloy allows it to move in two planes: horizontal, in the range of 360◦ and vertical, in the range of 270◦.  Head rotation drives are equipped with micro-clutches which protects micromotors against damage. Seal used enables operation in full immersion conditions.

LED ring allows the image to be maximally illuminated inside the pipeline. High quality LEDs ensure long, trouble-free operation; according to the manufacturer: 70% of brightness after 50 thousand hours.  LEDs are covered with a special plastic ring with enhanced impact resistance. In the case of large diameter pipes it is possible to connect additional light sources.

In the head we use the highest quality colour image sensors from Sony, operating from 470 up to 650 lines of resolution. Depending on the image sensor, the cameras are equipped with:

  • optical zoom,
  • digital zoom,
  • automatic focus control,
  • manual focus control,
  • iris control functions,
  • 0.025 Lux sensitivity.

The use of CCD allows for outstanding quality colour image in PAL system. Head functions are controlled from the operator panel.

All our devices have the CE certificates and the necessary approvals required and accepted in the EU.


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