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About Us – information on ABE Group

O nas

ABE Group – Welcome

We are a company which designs and implements new technologies. We have been operating since 1990. We have over 24 years of experience which is further supported by fresh and innovative ideas of young engineers. We succeed thanks to innovative ideas, superior quality of our products and highly qualified staff. Our business is based on six pillars:

  • design and manufacture of robots for pipeline inspection,
  • design and manufacture of specialised robots
  • design and manufacture of ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicles),
  • design and manufacture of electronic circuits,
  • design and manufacture of mechanical structures ,
  • design, manufacture and implementation of modern production lines.

Contact us

Want to learn more about our offer? Call +48 77 431 46 44, email us kontakt@abe-group.pl or visit our office.

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