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Cameras for inspection of sewage systems and pipelines

Kamera inspekcyjna wpychana na włóknie

Experience gained over the years and customer feedback led to the creation of reliable equipment and systems for TV inspection of pipelines. We created software for our equipment that allows you to record video and process data in accordance with European standards, mainly PN-EN-13508-2. Numerous hardware and software tests contributed to the creation of very-high-quality products.

Our company produces many types of inspection crowlers with diameters ranging from DN 130 to DN 1800 for TV inspection of pipelines.

Our cameras enable inspections through inspection chambers from DN315 diameter. The cameras are equipped with different types of rotary heads which have a number of functions that allow you to carry out inspections in accordance with the aforementioned standard.

Inspection cameras are manufactured in a variety of configurations:

  • pushed on the fibreglass cable,
  • with a tractor moving in a straight line,
  • with a turntable tractor,
  • version without a pantograph,
  • version with a pantograph.

Our cameras are subjected to rigorous testing which gives them the ability to work in difficult conditions such as full immersion.  Heads and tractors for cameras are provided with valves for filling with nitrogen.

Inspection camera models

Self-propelled inspection camera CT-300.

kamera do inspekcja telewizyjna rurociągów

Diameter range from DN130 to DN300.

Self-propelled inspection camera CT-400

Kamera do inspekcji kanalizacji i rurociągów CT 400 ABE Group

Diameter range from DN150 to DN400

Self-propelled inspection camera CT-600

Kamera do inspekcji kanalizacji i rurociągówCT 600 ABE Group

Diameter range from DN200 to DN600

Self-propelled inspection camera CT-1800

Kamera do inspekcji kanalizacji CT 1800 ABE Group

Diameter range from DN400 to DN1800

The inspection kit includes:

Pipeline TV inspection kit consists of at least one inspection camera, control cable winch, control unit with software and dedicated accessory kit.

Konfiguracje zestawów do inspekcja telewizyjna ruroci?gów

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